Model FA-J

Axial Parking Jet-Fans

Performance Features

  • In these systems, the fan blade is connected to the electric motor directly.
  • The design of the fan blade for these types of fans is symmetrical (Symmetrical) and bi-directional airfoil.
  • The mechanical thrust ranges from 44 to 84 Newtons.
  • The diameter of the fan blades ranges from 315 to 400 millimeters.
  • There is the capability to install any accessories, such as bird screens, base frames, and various types of dampers on these ventilators.
  • Parking jet fans are used for air transfer and creating dynamic pressure. According to international standards such as ASHRAE and NFPA, they have the capability to operate at 300 degrees Celsius for two hours. Other features of these fans include their attractive appearance and very low noise levels.
  • The efficiency and performance of these fans range between 60 to 70 percent.
  • In general, the body material of these ventilators is made of C.S. ST37, and the fan blades are made of cast aluminum.
  • The vibration balance of these fans is according to the DIN ISO 1940-1 grade G 2.5 <4 mm/s standard.
  • Fan Iran’s parking jet fans have a certificate approved by the Tehran Fire Department.

Special Design Methods

  • The operating temperature of these jet fans is designed and manufactured according to the client’s order in the range of F200, F300, and F400.